The present

We often identify with ideas crossing our mind… We translate these ideas into words which take us prisoner. Living in the present is like a pause or a rest. We stop following the flood of thoughts, we just let peace diffuse inside us as it opens a new dimension of self-consciousness and the surrounding context of life. It appears to be as an opened window on the way to perceive the world around us (other people, things and events of our life). Paying attention to the present moment lets us perceive a unlimitated serenity which connects us to a new way of understanding oneself’s and the world.


As a universal strenght of life, REIKI is a natural care method gathering ZEN and KI, coming from Japan, CHI from Chineese Taoism and PRANA from Indian wisdom. It was founded by Mikao Usui (August 15th, 1965 / March 9th, 1926) and became known in occident thanks to Hawayo Takata, an initiated US/Japanese woman who taught from 1980 to occidental masters. REIKI doesn’t bear any religious connotation. This method consists of connecting universal energy (REI) with earth energy (KI) to relax, calm and balance the life strength. As a REIKI practicianer, I conduct myself according to ethical rules. I engaged myself to have due consideration for life and the individuals, to share my knowledge and skills.

Somato-psychopedagogy (SPP)

Derived from myofascial release and osteopathy, SPP approach relies on the concept that body-mind are one. This practice wakes up self regulation and strength by working on the globality of body. It includes several steps :

  • Hand connection, which points out the inner rhythms, sets physiological functions up and opens a field of new deep self perceptions ;
  • Gesture : slow linked movements may be done (as in Taï-Chi practice) in conscience to align one’s body from inside ;
  • Sensitive introspection : it’s a special attention payed to internal senses, free movements, echos and vibrations inside ones’ body ;
  • The interview : it helps the patient to perceive his globality through hand connection and find again how to let sensations and body coherence go during the healing ;
  • The group dynamism : it is exchange by interaction, learning of oneself by listening others.

Sensitive perceptions

Our internal body is animated with microscopic vibrations, light throbs or noticeable ondulations under the skin, as a kind of inner breathing. Practical experience lets us easily reach self confidence, calm and serenity. During the healing, my hands perceive body deepness and physiology. Immobility informs me that a part of body needs to be awakened. The reply comes by extensing tissues and relaxing nearby areas to let energy circulate harmoniously.


The word Qi cannot easily be translated in our occidental scientific language. Taken from Taoist philosophy, it sounds like « strenght in action ». It could be expressed by « energeia » or « pneuma » in Greek, « breath » or « ankh » in Egyp or « prana » in India. In the human body, chineese traditional medecines describe a series of energetics channels shared out into 12 main meridians – 6 on the foreside, 6 on the backside – 2 middle side meridians and a secondary net.
Acupuncture practicioners make use of those channels. Human body functions are acknowledged according to a systemic scheme, as if different parts of body were self connected through a network.
To mention Dr JANSSEN’s words (cf. « La solution intérieure », Ed. Fayard, 2006), Qi could be compared with the flood of electrical networks working in living substance, as a basic vector of information and energy ».


Named « fascicles » in latin, myofascial are interconnected membranes which surround all organs (muscles, sinews, ligaments, bones, viscera and the nervous systems) from the head to the feet and from superficial skin to the depths of the body. Those membranes constrict in case of physical or emotional impact.
Physical traumas let appear contusions and pain, but continuous stress and psychic traumas don’t. However, the effects are the same on myofascial, especially on the viscera and the nervous systems. Muscles contractions and hardness sometimes look like a real « harness » which locks unexpressed emotions up and impacts our internal vibrations and rhythms. Relaxing myofascial is a preventive health treatment. As a remedy it restores internal sensitive movements which make energetics fluidity.