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Le Fil de soi is the link between our physical body and our body and mind person. You can perceive it in the uprightness of your body, in the serenity of your mind, in the way you behave and in your ability to live in the present.

My approach is both global and multifaceted. It relaxes, gives balance and durably energizes the body.
It is based on body consciousness – the small rhythms lulling our body from inside – and on the symbolism of numbers which define our behavior.

It befits and helps children, adults, elderly, sportsmen (even high level ones), managers and business men, every person who wants to get ones’fundamental health aligned to continue joyfully and well-balanced !

My choice is to take softly care of you. This is the reason why you must plan 1 h 30 when you come and see me.

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ATELIERS de Numérologie et de Radiesthésie
Planed with a few number of persons, my workshops are concevied as a way of discovering, deepening and opening one's personnality. They are applicated pratices . They don't need any required knowledge. Just a lot of passion and engagement.

Price : 100 €/day

More information and inscriptions on 0677996498

ATTENTION: Energetics may complete medecine but cannot take the place of medical treatments.

Information: Special rates for students and low-income persons. Let me know.